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Another Rainy Day

May 4, 2010

No promises, but this is the second part and most likely last piece of poetry I'll publish here. (Note: that doesn't include goofy odes to my husband or a pet or something silly like that.)


I listen for the rain that most surely

will start again

And as I lie here alone in the darkness

I try to imagine

what it was like

laying in your arms

looking up at the sky

and watching

the rain collect on the glass

above our vulnerable faces.

Feeling the wave and the motion of a water

who held us in her soul

at her mercy

Knowing we would remain

huddled as we were

for a time

with respites only to poke our heads out

to determine what she might have in store for us.

We had no fear.

We had no concerns.

And so we lay back together under the glass

in each others arms

and feasted our eyes upon a storm.

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