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Hey Murphy, get your law offa me

January 20, 2010

Today was not a good day. We awoke to sounds of the rain and strong winds lashing the apartment windows. 8:37am bam. Power out. We gradually got out of bed and got dressed for yet another doctor's appointment. High winds and rain pounded the building.  Call #1: General Practitioner: INR levels still too low; not sure why; up coumadin intake. Appointment #1: ankle recheck. Summary: Healing well, still not fused together; stay off it. Appointment #2: dentist. Summary: was able to hold on to most of my very thin blood.

Back home. No power. It's cold. Ants (or maybe termites?) swarming the kitchen window. WTF? Bickering. Cold sandwich. Library for free Wi-Fi. Annoying people at our dirty wooden table. Cold. Bickering about dinner. Take out. Couch. Dexter. Next? Hot bath. Ahhhhh.

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